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The idea behind Vikingenes began 4 years ago, when my partner and I, which is also my sister, went on a family trip to Scandinavia to see the areas of our ancestors and breath the same air they did. We always had a very strong feeling that we have blood connection to the Norse and to Vikings culture and after making a DNA tests, we found out that we were right!

Finally, we could say it with pride "We are one of them". We were super excited and couldn’t wait to tell all of our family and friends. The responses were very nice but then people started asking us a lot of questions about the Norse Mythology that we weren't sure about the answers! Then the fun started, we took another vacation to Norway, Sweden and Iceland and started investigating. It was more than fascinating, we did our homework and studied a lot about our amazing culture. Then we started purchasing a lot of products with Norse Mythology symbols, like arm rings and necklaces in order to wear and present our religion with pride, and we found out that 99% of all the items are not handmade and mainly from countries that have no relation to the Vikings culture at all, like India, also the quality and material were very low and it made us realize that we need to solve this problem and provide our brothers & sisters a proper solution for that by making our best effort finding artists that have a connection to the mighty Norse religion & appreciate it and establish a source to the rest of the world that will deliver high quality, authentic and unique Vikings jewelry at affordable prices!

At first, it was very hard and sometimes almost impossible, but we managed to build our beautiful brand and community from scratch. The feedbacks & support were and still are beyond our expectations, we are getting tons of emails and messages from our satisfied customers that are giving us the strength to continue and always improve ourselves and our brand to develop more and more items in different and broad categories.

Now, you probably understand why we decided to call our brand “Vikingenes”, combining the two words: Viking & Genes. The rest is history

Welcome to our humble store, enjoy the experience we are trying to give you while you are surfing it and the most important thing is that you will be happy and satisfied, that is the reason we have a well trained and professional Customer Service team, always here to assist with any kind of questions or problems you might have:)



Vikingens Team