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Handmade Othala Carved Axe with runic head

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Beautiful Craftsmanship

Othala is a rune of divine spiritual power. The Othala rune shape represents a fish that is going against the downward flow of time. The Othala Rune represents something that is innate, natural, or handed down. It imagines a particular kind of wealth that belongs to the familial spring. Thus, it is easy to understand that the Othala rune has a genetic component to it.
The Viking axe is represented by drawings of a special character. At the handle of the axe is rune OTHALA.

Our OTHALA Carved steel axe will be an awesome unique gift for you or any special man in your life.


The material of ax head: high carbon steel 60.

Processing: forging, etching, engraving, oxidation, carving.
The length and width of the blade: 160mm x 205mm (6.29" * 8.07").

Handle length: 620mm (24.40").

Handle material: beechwood.

Weight: 1400g.

All steps involved in making this ax was done solely with care by hand. No CNC, Waterjet or pre-cut blanks were used.

Basic Axe Care:

Corrosion is a high carbon steel’s worst enemy. When rust forms oxygen is pulling electrons away from the metal, causing it to disintegrate!

Don’t put your ax away dirty or wet, dirt and moisture accelerate corrosion. Use oil to protect your ax head. Remove rust using vinegar and fine steel wool.

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